Passenger Service

Our priority is always the passenger’s safety and security. Our clients trust us to take excellent care of their passengers, from their departure to their arrival at the airport. The trusted professionals at ATM are happy to provide these services that make traveling smooth and simple.

Our Services

  • Checkin counter management
  • Flight information desk service
  • Arrival/transit hall passenger services
  • Boarding gate management
  • Conduct travel document checking
  • Seat assignment
  • Data entry
  • Queue management
  • Excess baggage collection
  • Lost and found baggage management service
  • Load control, weight and balance, flight control, and unaccompanied minors services

High-Quality Customer Service

ATM places a strong emphasis on attentive customer service, and implements an innovative and efficient management system. Each of our passenger service agents are committed to making passengers’ travel as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our agents are equipped with the right knowledge to assist passengers in any way, and guide them through check-in, airport facilities, and gate to boarding processes. No flight processes.

Professional Customer Service Training

Provide informational customer service to trained to provide exceptional customer service while making passengers feel safe and secure with a professional attitude and genuine desire to help.

If you are interested in the ATM Passenger Service or have any questions, please contact us at 310-590-1650 or We look forward to learning more about your airline and how ATM can assist in improving the quality of your passengers’ experience.