Baggage Handling Service

The baggage handlers are trained to manage a variety of tasks that ensure the safety of passengers, and smooth operation of the airline. Each airport is a hub of activity and people that require attention to detail and proper systems to keep everything running on schedule. Baggage handlers are responsible for keeping track of important belongings, and any preventing security

breaches from prohibited items. ATM offers several services that will help operations run smoothly and maintain top customer satisfaction.

Baggage Sorting Area (BSA) Coordinator

Between the Baggage Security Screening System and Ramp Handling Service, BSA Coordinator maintains the allocation of baggage cart, missing baggage tracking, and security of baggage cart, as job priority at this area. It’s a primary duty for supporting the Airline ticketing system and baggage control procedure.

Explosive-Detection Device (CTX) Porter Service

This Explosive Eetection System certified by the FAA is trusted to check baggage at many large airports. Once the detection is cleared, a handling agent re-checks the procedure to ensure the baggage is safe for boarding. ATM provides certified training and monitoring to secure the efficacy of our system and safety of passengers. The CTX Porter Service has been successfully implemented at The CTX Porter Service has been successfully implemented for over ten years at Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

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