Our Philosophy

Airport Terminal Management (ATM) was founded on the philosophy “The Client Comes First”, and it’s what continues to guide our company. We are a service company whose responsibility is to assist our airline clients in attentively serving their passengers. Above all our mission is to help our airline clients create a safe and secure travel experience for their guests. ATM has built and maintained relationships with major airlines because it’s clear that we share the same goal – to make their passengers’ travel seamless.

Our Team

We understand that our team members are our most valuable and critical asset. We are dedicated to making every employee feel valued, committed, and proud to be part of the ATM family by providing a work environment that is empowering and encouraging. We value our diversity and recognize individual contributions. We provide our personnel with all of the tools they need to excel and grow, because it’s our exceptional team members that set us apart.

About Us

We were incorporated in 1997 and have expanded to include comprehensive services for baggage handling. Today, over 700 ATM employees are working for 45 prominent airlines at 24 different job sites in the LAX area. Reliability is the foundation of the trust and confidence that our clients have in us. Airlines know that we are in business to meet their needs and solve problems, often on the spot. We innovate rather than replicate.

We are proud to say that ATM sets the industry standards for:

  • Interline Baggage Delivery Services
  • Wheelchair Services
  • Security Operations
  • Baggage Porter Services
  • Cargo Handling
  • Recruitment of Professional Staff
  • Member of the IATA Ground Handling Council

We met their challenge. What can we do for you?

Making the proper preparations to expand nationally and internationally, while also increasing our scope of services provided at LAX.